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The TWH-101R and TWH-104R Personal Radios, among the basic features of soldier radios, provide also extended features to users such as full duplex audio conference with simultaneous data capability, embedded GPS/Glonass receiver (TWH-104R only), multiple PTT buttons for differentiated voice access, stereo operation (right and left separation), VOX, whisper mode, automatic network management for transparent and simple operation and a wide range of accessories such as portable and vehicular gateways, headsets, wireless PTT,  battery packs and  chargers (vehicular and solar).


Besides the functionality of a Personal Radio, the solution can also be seen as a wireless extension for an Intercom System or Radio equipment, enabling users to be connected to the vehicle and/or combat net radio and keeping the possibility to select communication to the crew members or to the radios inside the vehicle, in the same way as being wire connected (using a headset).


The radio is based on 2.4GHz direct sequence spread spectrum technology (DSSS), featuring full duplex digital voice and data transmission with robust, reliable and very low probability of interception waveform. It also features AES encryption with downloadable security keys, providing a very high security level on both audio and data streams.


The main component of the TWH-100 series Personal Radio family are the TWH-101R and TWH-104R (with increased output power and embedded GPS/Glonass receiver), a lightweight, compact and low power wireless radio transceivers compatible with different kinds of headsets and able to operate in mono or ‘stereo’ modes (if the TWH gateway receives separated right and left channels, the mobile users can listen the right and left channels in the same way as wearing stereo wired headsets).


The transceivers headset connector is fully compatible with the headset used in EID´s intercom systems, which means that the crew members that are using the vehicular intercom system can go outside using the TWH-10x radios without changing the headset: it is simply required to unplug the headset from the terminal, connect it to the transceivers and power on the personal radio. The TWH-101R and TWH-104R are powered from rechargeable NiMH/Li-Ion cells or alternatively by standard AA alkaline cells.


The TWH-104G are the gateways from the wireless TWH transceivers to the Combat Net Radio or Intercom system.


The TWH-101C are the automatic battery chargers of the TWH 100 family, enabling full recharge of the batteries inside the transceiver; it is not required to remove the cells from the unit to recharge, ensuring long battery life and safe recharge. The battery chargers securely hold the radio, even under hard vibration transport conditions. Three versions are available, with 1, 3 and 5 recharge positions.

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