MT-525S Single Radio Docking Station

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The MT-525S is the PRC-525 combat net radio docking station for vehicles and shelters, with a very compact and rugged design. The PRC-525 can be changed from manpack to vehicular use in a few seconds by simply removing the manpack battery and inserting the radio into the docking station.

The unit includes shock absorbers, its power input circuit being EMI/RFI filtered and protected against transients. Forced air ventilation is provided, to make sure the radio MTBF is kept at high levels. A front panel Ethernet connector allows the link to the vehicular LAN; coaxial connectors are available at the rear for connection to HF, VHF and UHF antennas or power amplifiers.

When required, an AP-525V 50W VHF power amplifier can be installed in the rear of the docking station; optionally, it may be fitted with a cosite filter, to ensure high immunity against co-location interferences.



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