AP-525V 50W VHF Power Amplifier

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The AP-525V VHF Power Amplifier, easily assembled into the rear of the MT-525 radio docking stations, boosts the output power of the PRC-525 combat net radio to 50W over the 30-108 MHz frequency range, therefore extending the communication range of the radio.

With a very compact design, the AP-525V is a linear amplifier fully compatible with EID´s PRC-525 (and also with M3TR, the Rohde & Schwarz brand for this radio) VHF modulations and waveforms, like fast frequency hopping, OFDM (72 kbps) and analogue and digital fixed frequency.

A range of power levels can be selected on the companion radio. Continuous monitoring of the amplifier most relevant operating parameters is available, any anomalies being shown on the radio display. The AP-525V provides separate output connectors for HF, VHF and UHF bands, also enabling operation with external HF and UHF power amplifiers, whenever frequencies within these frequency ranges are selected on the radio.

Full protection is provided against adverse situations, such as antenna open and short circuits. An optional, fast hopping capable Cosite Filter can be fitted in the amplifier housing, providing excellent co-location characteristics and thus allowing simultaneous transmission and reception on a vehicle, with closely located antennas, without noticeable reduction of performance.



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