PRC-525 Combat Net Radio

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The PRC-525 represents a revolution in the digital battlefield, enabling maximum flexibility in terms of frequency bands, waveforms and functions. The radio is instrumental in building complex systems that provide data routing, switching capability and interfacing to tactical analogue and digital networks, LAN and WAN networks, as well as computers and other data terminal equipment connectivity. It is therefore the ideal choice for multiple roles, such as network functions and mobile stations for command and control systems.

The tactical radio can be used in portable, vehicular and stationary applications including installations in mobile shelters; the radio front panel can be detached either to be worne on the soldier’s wrist while the manpack is still transported on his back or be installed in CDS-525S and CDD-525 vehicular remote consoles.

The PRC-525 high-performance digital combat net radio covers HF, VHF and UHF bands with a single piece of equipment. Thanks to different high-speed data modes (including 72kbps OFDM) and protocols as well as different anti-jam modes, it perfectly integrates into secure and high performance tactical communications networks.

This software-defined radio enables new features and releases to be simply downloaded, even when deployed in the field; furthermore, covering the three radio bands with the same equipment, a common logistic concept with identical human-machine interface is used over the battlefield, dramatically reducing logistic efforts and costs. The rugged hardware complies with the relevant environmental MIL standards.

A full line of accessories is available, including radio docking stations with linear power amplifiers, remote consoles, HF antenna tuning units (ATU) and wire antennas.




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