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ICCS6, the newest ICCS generation based on Internet Protocol, is the outcome of EID continuous product evolution policy together with the need to comply with market demands.

Due to the IP infrastructure, ICCS6 reveals enhanced system performance and integration capabilities, nevertheless preserving all the proven benefits, features and functionality of the previous generation.

Besides the Management Terminal, the system building blocks are the following:

  • Multi-Functional Unit (MFU) providing digital and analogue interfaces to the communications system components as well as the switching and signal distribution functions;
  • User Terminals, enabling simultaneous access to internal and external communication channels as well as equipment remote control functions;
  • Management Terminals, enabling a single operator to take care of the full control and supervision of the system.

ICCS6 conceptual architecture
ICCS6 block diagram

No matter the version, ICCS is a cost-effective, flexible solution for the command and control of on board communications, being suitable for all types of warships, from aircraft carriers and destroyers to LSDs, submarines and patrol vessels.

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