ICC-251 Compact Digital Intercom System

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The ICC-251 is a Compact Digital Intercom System that provides voice and data communications among crew members of armoured vehicles, as well as their access to the radio communication channels made available through the equipment installed on-board. The system is also suitable for fast patrol boats, small vessels and shelters.

The system is composed of the IC-251 Central Unit and a variety of user terminals and accessories which are common to the ICC-201 IP Intercom system. The IC-251 design provides on the same unit both Central Unit and Commander Terminal functionalities.


Furthermore, it allows connection to up to 3 crew terminals, 3 radios (voice, data and remote control), alarms and serial connections (RS232) to a laptop. When using double crew terminals, up to 7 crew members can be connected to IC-251.

The connection between the IC-251 and Crew Terminals is fully digital, requiring only two-wire cables, which also feed the power to the terminals. This small number of conductors increases system reliability and reduces the space needed for cable routing inside the vehicle. Wireless terminals are available avoiding cabling between them and IC-251.

The system is compatible with radio equipment from all major suppliers, supporting radio features such as voice and data services as well as remote control (whenever available). The operational scenario of the ICC-251 can be customized according to the user needs by a software configuration tool running on a laptop.


As mentioned above, several types of user terminals are available, namely double user and wireless ones. Headsets with active noise reduction as well as wireless headsets are provided to deal with the most demanding applications. An active and efficient 15W loudspeaker is also available for communications monitoring without the need to wear headsets.


Typical vehicle communications system based on ICC-251



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