SA-525-20 Antenna Tuning Unit

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The SA-525-20 HF Antenna Tuning Unit features automatic matching of electrically short HF antennas, as usually found in vehicular applications, for up to 20W RF power with frequency hopping compatibility. A very compact and cost effective communications system with 20W HF and 50W VHF power capability can be easily built with a PRC-525 H/VHF radio, an AP-525V 50W VHF power amplifier, both mounted on a MT-525S single docking station, and one SA-525-20 ATU.

The SA-525-20 offers two modes of operation: active tuning mode, where the unit generates the RF signal, optimizes VSWR and stores the tuning parameters; and silent tuning mode in which pre-stored parameters are used. The tuning process is remotely controlled via coaxial or optical interfaces. The unit was designed to integrate battery powered systems, having a reduced power consumption and automatic switch off under radio control.



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