Quality Management and Servicing

EID pays special attention to Quality issues, which are considered as intrinsically connected to the product supplied or service provided. A clear understanding of the customer´s requirements and their translation into specifications is the starting point of the quality activities. Furthermore, quality is always present during the development of the products complying with those specifications and while carrying out thorough tests to ensure the conformity of the product performance with the agreed specifications. Quality is extended into the product installation, commissioning, users training and servicing.

Our Quality Management System is certified according to ISO9001 and AQAP 2110.

The reliability of the products supplied is a major concern during all phases of their development, from design to delivery. After installation, servicing ensures the correct, continued operation of the supplied products and, whenever feasible, upgrades them to meet new requirements. This attitude clearly shows EID willingness to permanently and consistently answer to its customers´ needs and expectations.