Company Organisation

From the organisational standpoint, EID has a simple and flexible structure, allowing a fast and efficient response to market demands and challenges. The structure is composed of 4 divisions:

- Marketing & Sales, which is in charge of business development, corporate marketing and the entire commercial   activity, Simply stated, it is the company front-end in what regards the relationship with the customers.

- The Tactical communications division is responsible for the management and execution of contracts, from the very beginning till commissioning and logistic support, in the tactical and field communications areas. The supply of messaging systems and turn-key integrated systems and solutions is also under the scope of the activity of this division. The R&D component is of utmost importance, as it paves the way for launching new products, in line with the technological trends and tailored to meet the customer and market requirements.

- The activity of the Naval communications division is similar to the one just described, but focused on shipborne communications.

- Operations division, which makes sure that the products ordered by the customers are manufactured on time, on cost, and with the required quality and performance.

An efficient, internal communication network enforces synergies amongst the business units, broadening the field of application of the competences of each one towards the implementation of comprehensive solutions.

The organisation also encompasses specific staff departments that perform administrative, finance, personnel, IT and quality management tasks.




The Board of Directors of EID is composed of 5 elements:

- Andrew Thomis, Chairman

- António Marcos Lopes, Managing Director

- Venâncio Lebre, Finance Director

- Simon Walther, Director

- Luís Macieira Fragoso, Director, appointed by the Portuguese shareholders