EID Launches at DSEI ICC-401 IP Intercom System

Published 26 September 2019

The new intercom ICC-401 family was successfully introduced at DSEI, attracting the attention of many visitors to EID booth. It is a cost effective, high-range and radio-agnostic solution. It features ring topology for higher performance and survivability, and Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) to improve audio intelligibility and user comfort.

This fully-flexible and scalable system was designed for compliance with NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA) standard STANAG 4754.

EID is highly experienced in the development and supply of intercom systems for land vehicles, fast patrol boats and shelters, which are in use by armed forces around the world – quite often operating in very harsh environments. The new ICC-401 enables an integrated end-to-end information and communication network, allowing shared situational awareness between a vehicle’s crew as well as with external troops via radio equipment, providing voice and data communications.

The highly flexible system offers full compatibility with legacy and new radio systems from all major suppliers, including the new generation SDR radios, and is a suitable solution both for new vehicle platforms and refits. It also offers comprehensive redundancy – ensuring high survivability if part of the ring is compromised.

As standard across the ICC range, the system accommodates several types of system nodes/terminals, allowing an optimized configuration for each type of vehicle. Headsets with active noise reduction as well as wireless headsets are available, enabling the user to operate effectively in the most demanding of operational environments.

EID Managing Director António Marcos Lopes said:

“We are very proud to introduce ICC-401, the latest model in our successful intercoms range from which more than 4,200 systems are currently in use by armies across the world. Flexibility and cost effectiveness are core benefits of all of our systems, and the latest model offers compatibility with any type of radio – whether existing legacy equipment or the most advanced new radios available on the market.
The new system is ITAR-free and compliant with the latest NATO guidelines, giving us the potential to expand our customer base further.”

The introduction of the ICC-401 system followed the award of the Army Tested and Combat Proven qualification stamps, issued by the Portuguese Army to the ICC-251 and ICC-201 Intercom Systems.

ICC 401 - intercom system Leaflet