Military Messaging

EID built up unique expertise in the field of military messaging, having developed and supplied various generations of systems for tactical and strategic environments. In fact, since 1985, when the first MOST4 Ships entered service, EID delivered a large number of messaging systems, from ACP 127 compliant solutions to STANAG 4406/ACP123 systems.

Most4 Ships is an Automatic Message Handling System featuring a comprehensive set of facilities aimed at reducing the overheads of traditional on-board message management tasks. The system supports the simultaneous operation of ship-shore, inter-ship, local and area broadcast circuits, in accordance with ACP-127 message formats and procedures.

MOST4 MMHS is EID´s latest generation of strategic and tactical Military Message Handling Systems compliant with STANAG 4406 Ed.2, which is the standard specified and ratified by NATO member countries. Although MMHS is, at a first glance, comparable to commercial e-mail, significant differences do indeed exist. In fact, defence organizations require a formal secure messaging system that ensures: interoperability among NATO nations; confidentiality, integrity, non-repudiation of origin and assurance of delivery; and appropriate handling mechanisms applied to each message according to its precedence and classification. The system also provides message transfers to tactical networks integrating naval, airborne and army mobile radio units, in accordance with STANAG 4406, Annex E, and in such a way that substantially higher data throughputs than with the ACP127-based systems are achieved.

In brief, the know-how in the field of military messaging enables EID to offer products fully compliant with existing and emerging NATO standards, being at the same time totally interoperable with legacy systems that must be kept in operation during transition phases.




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