Switchboards & Telephones

This comprehensive set of EID products offers a wide range of solutions for communications of military organizations deployed in the field.

The CD-116 Field Digital Switchboard, its IP companion, the CD-116/IP, and the GW-116/IP are the EID’s integration elements, which offer local communications between analogue and/or VoIP field telephones or data terminals, as well as their integration with remote users.

Interfaces to Combat Net Radios and to analogue, ISDN and IP networks are part the configurability options of above equipment, allowing the integration of local users with remote  organizations by means of tactical radios, IP, ISDN or even analogue networks.

The BLC-201 Field Telephone and a full set of accessories complement EID portfolio of equipment for Field Communications. EID engineering expertise offers training, high level integration and logistical support services, as requested by our customers.

Field Telephone Systems


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CD-116/IP Field Digital Switchboard

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CD-116 Field Digital Switchboard

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BLC-201 Field Telephone

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GW-116/IP Gateway