Vehicular Intercom

EID has acquired a large experience and know-how in vehicular communications engineering, both at national and international level, providing communications suites for several types of vehicles. This encompasses applications such as command vehicles for platoons, company and battalion levels, personnel transport and infantry fighting vehicles, artillery tactical data systems vehicles, shelters and fast patrol boats.

The ICC-201 and ICC-251 Digital Intercom systems are the right and optimal solution for vehicular, shelter-based or specific maritime applications, enabling intercommunications among crew members and their access to radio equipment providing voice and data communications, either over the air, standard copper or ruggedized fibre optic cables.


Voice over IP (VoIP) functionality for inter vehicular communication and connection to IP based tactical backbones are also possible. Wireless terminals and wireless headsets are available for wire free communications; in this way, a crew member outside the vehicle can communicate with the on-board crew and even communicate through the radios installed inside the vehicle.


The equipment features complex digital signal processing algorithms and may include Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets to be fully compatible with extremely noisy environments such as tracked vehicles and fast patrol boats.



Vehicular Communications


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ICC-201 IP Intercom System

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ICC-251 Compact Digital Intercom System

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TWH-100 series Personal Radios